Magazine 55 | Collaboration | 19/06/2017

55 Croisette collaborates with Redemption for a special event

As every year, 55 Croisette collaborates with a unique brand for a special event. This year 55 Croisette welcomed the Milan-based fashion brand Redemption. For this occasion, Bebe Moratti founder and creative director of the brand accepted to answer our questions and shared with us some of his favorite hot spots.

  • Could you please tell us about your favorite city and why?

  • Although I consider myself more of a nature loving country boy (I grew up in the country) my two favorite cities are Milan and Los Angeles
Milan because its where my family and friends live and its where Redemption is based. Besides that, I love it mostly because of its geographical location, it is a few hour drive from the Alps, has beautiful countryside around it and is a few hour drive from the Mediterranean, so in the rare cases I don’t have to work on weekends I could go skiing, to the beach or to the country.

    Los Angeles because I like to surf and love to listen to live music and there are amazing places like the Whiskey or the Rainbow Room or the House of Blues where Rock n Roll greats played for over fifty years.

    • One or 2 hot spots in Milan that you recommend

  • I love to cook, so I don’t often go to restaurants, but in the event that I am not cooking I love Japanese food, and there is a very good Japanese restaurant that I either like to go to or to get take away from, it is called J Hiro’s in Milan.

    • Which exhibitions or museum would you recommend? And which Art period do you particularly like?

  • I have a degree in art history from Duke University, so I love art, and museums are usually one of my first stops in any city I travel to. Growing up in Italy I have a very strong passion for renaissance
art. I think that being Italian art is in some way part of our DNA, we are surrounded by it. Even most of our cities can be considered like open-air museums.

    I also like modern and contemporary art, even if I do not have a favorite artist. And of course I have a passion for photography since I was a child, especially Henry Cartier-Bresson, photography is one of the things that originally inspired me to start my own fashion label.

    • Tell us about Redemption: story, biker origins

    • Redemption was born from the idea of three childhood friends, myself, Daniele Sirtori and Vanni Laghi. We decided to create a company that would donate 50% of the profits to charity and would collaborate directly with the NGO’s that it supports. At first, we started making motorcycles. Vanni makes them by hand and he is a master at that. Soon after, because of my passion for art and photography, and because growing up in Milan in the 80’s and 90’s I was surrounded by fashion, we decided to start a fashion label that was inspired by a mix of the classic French designers of the 50’s and 60’s and the biker and rock n roll cultures.

      • What about your first Couture collection in Paris and your iconic pieces ?

    • The first collection that we presented in Paris was very small, it was mostly long dresses and
suits. That is part of our DNA, it is how we began. The suits are especially important to us because of our Italian heritage and the importance that tailoring has for us, plus I love strong confident women that wear pants, I think it is very chic and very rock’n’roll at the same time. The long dresses were important for us because it provides the glamour and the dream aspect of fashion, I am a little nostalgic and I would have loved to dress some old golden age Hollywood actress at a premiere of a movie in the 60’s.

      • Tell us more about...

        Amfar and your Charity project

      • Because our company donates 50% of the profits to charity we have a number of NGO’s that we support, Amfar is one of them, since that beginning of our company we donated to the some of our motorcycles for them to sell at the auction that they hold in Cannes. One of them a few years ago auctioned for 600k euros making a world record for highest paid motorcycle.

      • We are usually also present at the event with our evening dresses on various celebrities. 

        • Cannes Film Festival

      • I love Cannes, and although I am usually very shy and really not the party type, I love to come to Cannes for the beautiful sea. It is a week where I can try to mix work with some fresh sea air. 

          • 55 Croisette x Redemption

        • The event at 55 Croisette is a very special event for me. For several years I have been coming to Cannes for the Festival and I can remember the many times I passed in front of the Boutique dreaming that one day the pieces that we create at Redemption would be in it, and maybe why not (in my dreams) even displayed in the window. So for me being able to have an event at 55 Croisette feels really special and surreal. And for that I thank you dearly.