The ultra-influential Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini unveiled their brand in Milan in February 2016: ATTICO.

The duo evokes a wispy and sensual universe with a vivid and edgy palette of red, pink or black silks, decorated with embroidery, creating a delicious collection to be worn with high-heeled mules, the chic version of the glass slipper.

Ambrosio and Tordini infuse their collections with the sensuality of a leisurely stroll, languid bourgeoise seeking a touch of decadence in daringly deep neckline.

Everything, in the spirit of the brand, recalls vintage and the past seen in the rear view mirror. The silk belts come undone; their collections evoke the swishing sound of fabrics tumbling to the corner of the boudoir.

Accessories push the limits of erotic imagery: ankles adorned with wide velvet cuffs; Chinese and Japanese animal print patterns, floral embroideries (lobsters, corals, parrots, Palm trees, birds, shells) bloom on dresses.

Even the brand name echoes with old fashioned sensuality: "Attico" means Penthouse. We can easily picture, wrapped in their robes, walking languidly in Roman palaces. Maybe for the holidays?