Rock the Jungle
Close your eyes: imagine plants, flowers, fruits, bird songs, in a tropical atmosphere of coconut palms and frangipani. And if you were told that was accessible in the heart of Paris, just a few metro stations away?

We never think enough about it but the greenhouses of Auteuil are a trip to the Amazon, minus jet lag. When you enter the greenhouses, the warm steamy air fills your lungs and curls your hair. But then, what do you wear to flirt with cacti? It's simple- nothing green, because you have to be a flower to compete with the flowers! Electric blue dresses with ruffles, leather, Carmine lips, jewellery: you can attract the bees. The important thing is to be the most beautiful bird in the forest. Unless you wear a deceptively staid dress to slip among the Dauphine students before going to review your life biology lesson? You can do it, you're all grown up!
Tapestries, parrots and toucans dress in bright colours: you can too because you have what it takes to carry it off. This Off White asymmetrical dress in blue silk, openwork with frilled sleeves and open shoulders, will turn you into a bird of paradise. The dress has two faces: worn alone, romantic; with Jbrand leather jeans slightly flared from the knee, it's instant rock. We love this wide redemption belt, very 80's and knotted tightly, it brands the entire silhouette and structure. You're ready to duke it out for an outdoor concert or in the canopy.
We used to have heavy wool sweaters that scratched, that you wore under your coat before rolling it into a ball. And then there was perfection. The warm, sexy, comfortable sweater that shows just the right amount of skin for it to be completely wearable almost anywhere: at the opera, nightclubs, at your mother-in-law's, and of course, the greenhouses of Auteuil. Because it's hot in there! This thick N21 wool and mohair pullover, with V-neck, is the perfect balance of heat and ventilation, heating and air conditioning. Worn with this delightful EachxOther leather biker split skirt, you're ready for Highway 66 (or the A14- that works too!)
What is chic? A moment of fleeting grace, between mastery and daring? One moment, you're sublime; a moment of pure poetry, elusive and perfect. Beauty is something as simple as a slinky black Balmain dress, maddeningly sober. A small collar. Embossed gold buttons on cuffs and on the left shoulder, like a faux sailor sweater.
It clings to your movements; you look almost indecent, because we can visualise the smallest curve for every movement. When sitting, it hitches up in a thousand creases over your thighs. Standing, it falls perfectly on your body. No need for jewellery or bag. No extravagant shoes. No, only one dress and you go, agile and noble, a fleeing beauty.
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